The Curriculum of DPS Godhra adheres to the National Curriculum Framework 2005 &2009 (NCF2005&2009), NEP 2020/NCF 2022, and the academic requirements of CBSE. The School believes that the classroom experiences of children are to be organized in such a manner that these encourage them to construct knowledge on the basis of exploration. The curriculum is devised in consonance with the child’s nature and context, thus providing equal learning opportunities for all children.

Teacher aims at enhancing the child’s interest and acumen to learn. Activity is at the heart of Children’s attempt to make sense of the world around them. Therefore, every resource is deployed in a child–centric manner to enable them to express themselves, handle objects, explore their natural and social milieu,and to grow up in good health and with values in life.


DPS Godhra is aimed at developing confident, well rounded students with capabilities and the spirit to reach for the stars. The curriculum provides a rich variety of co-curricular activities, which we consider not extra but on ESSENTIAL part of a child’s education.

Students are provided with the opportunity to take part in co scholastic activities such as Dance, Music, Art , Craft, Karate, Yoga, painting etc .


Our students take part in social activities and learn about our diverse communities and about universal tolerance.

Students are also taken to field trips and educational excursions for better grooming of theitr personality.


We are committed to instilling the concept of sustainability in our students and staff. Our building too is designed so as to promote students to think green. The vibrant designs and colors inspire students to open their minds to the abundance of possibilities and opportunities in life.

The School also maintains a substantial portion of its campus as green areas, also providing children the opportunity to experience the magnificence and vast variation in trees, plants and herbs.

In addition, the school environs promote a “learning through nature experience” approach as students are encouraged to observe and appreciate greenery and natural environment.


Nursery and Preparatory

The Early Years Centre at our school is a vibrant centre where innovation and grandeur is reflected by the colorful set-up and thematic approach in teaching and design. Relying upon explorative approach, we believe that children are active learners, explorers, experimenters, scientists and artists of the highest order.

Therefore, the young impressionable minds are provided with a rich, meaningful and balanced curriculum based on the development of the essential skills and ‘Multiple Intelligence’. The system stresses on the importance of providing wings of imaginations and roots of responsibilities to our little angels.

Our classrooms have been designed with thematic concepts that enrich the learners at early stage. The indoor and outdoor activity areas for our tiny tots have a large range of exercises and models that help children develop necessary skills.

We also have an all-weather splash pool and rain shower facility for our tiny tots to get acquainted with water and take their first steps towards swimming.

A great amount of focus is given on development of multiple skills in children through language, sensory science activities, phonic activities and stress is laid on development of cognitive skills.

The environment at the Early Years centre is the most conducive for holistic growth.


Annual Syllabus 2023-24 (Foundational)

Annual Syllabus 2023-24 (Preparatory)

Annual Syllabus 2023-24 (Middle)

Annual Syllabus 2023-24 (Secondary)